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IP Rated:            IP20

Input Voltage:     AC100-240V,50\60Hz

Light Source:      384pc 0.5W RGB 3in1 Leds plus 384pc 1Wwhite 6500k leds (50,000 hrs)

**May vary depending on several factorsincluding but not limited to:

Environmental Conditions, Power/Voltage, UsagePatterns (On-Off Cycling), Control, and Dimming.


Pixel Mapping with ultra strobe performance

Color Temperature:    3200K or 6500K selectable

Light angle:        60°for white leds,160° for RGB leds

DMX Channels:    6\16

DMX Connectors:       3-pin XLR or 5pin

Strobe Rate:0 to 20 Hz

Weight:   5.50 kg

Size:      920 x 180 x120 mm

Approvals:    CE

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