Color Production

Entertainment,Architainment lights.
Product Detail
240 DMX controller
240 DMX controller

Input voltage:110-240V,50\60Hz


Feature:with 12 scanner included 20 channels,seperated A page(1-10) and B page(11-20) or AB page turn on in the meantim,edutable.30 banks included 8 scene

6 phase editable every chase 240 steps editable(30 Bank scene),with 3kinds of manual,sound activate,auto-running mode

Fade select all with Fader X/Y with FADE is available when auto running,all with SPEED adjustment,every Scanners set CH control, stick control or wheel control is available with Blackout output function

With MIDI Bank, Chase and Blackout function. the edited data transmit between the controller is available,with  LCD  display and LED indicator

With DMX polar choice, Power polar auto-protection, pause effect when running


Net Weight:3.5KG