Color Production

Entertainment,Architainment lights.
Product Detail
Tiger touch
Tiger touch

Using Titan operating system.
Dual core processor,120GB SSD drive,4GB of memory.
Uninterruptible Power System (UPS)
Support Chinese menu display and built-in many languages.
A built-in 15.4 inch touch screen.(external 17-inch screen optional)
8 DMX output port,4096 DMX channels.(can be extended to 12 DMX output port,6144 channels)
Putting 20 playback,support 1000 virtual replay.
Powerful CMY palette.
Support graffiti type handwritten named function
Support CITP protocol and can preview server or digital modulation of built-in material.
The built-in library of thousands of lights,and built-in lights library editing software.
Built-in Visualiser stage simulation software,support for video
Provides MIDI time code control.can be used for remote control.
Built-in pixel mapping generator and a built-in graphics.
Powerful Titan systerm much more humanized as previous Pearl,more refined function,abandunt extension.
basied on its classic Pearl systerm,add more refined options for us.
Packing size:83*63*54CM